Release news – Op Amp Big Muff

ElectroHarmonix are finishing the year the way they started it, with continued awesome releases. Earlier in the year it was the Green Russian reissue and now they have released the Op-Amp version of the Muff. This is the Muff of the Smashing Pumpkins sound and who better to tell you about it than Billy Corgan himself. Great piece above by Reverb on the release and the history of the sound with the Pumpkins.

I have it on good authority that these units should be getting to Australia by Christmas, but I would say that the safest bet is expecting them just after the new year. They should also sit around the same price as the Green Russian Reissue at about $160, which I would say is a great price for such an awesome sound.

Now, the question is, how many more Muffs do I need on my board…

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