Artist Guitars TC59 review update

I just wanted to revisit the review that I gave to the Artist TC59 a few years back especially to look at the quality of company that Artist Guitars are and where they are at right now. Just to recap the review, I think that the Artist TC59 is one of the best pieces of gear that you can get for a budget. The Quality Assurance is top notch and you are going to get a lot more bang for your buck from this than you would from an entry level Squier.

Throughout the lockdown(s) it becamse obvious that Artist are a company that cares about the people they are selling to. They made massive efforts to ensure that people got the gear that they wanted during a troubling time for many people and continued to help put music in the hands of many people around Australia and the world.

With the TC59 Telecaster, it would have been easy to rest on their laurels and continue to sell the same popular piece of gear, but no! You know what they did? They listened to their customers. The customers who were asking for different colours, or who wanted a thinline. They even catered to those who live in the darkest corners of the guitar gear world, only ever emerging rarely – the Left Handed player.

This goes the same for a few more of their products as well, they have been constantly improving their offerings, making sure that the customers are getting what they want. I really want to hand it to Artist, the efforts that I have seen on social media to remain active and keep their customers happy during a pretty crappy time have been awesome.

You can now pick up the range of TC59 Telecasters from Artists guitars here.

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