Joyo Atmosphere Reverb Review

I have been looking for the ideal Reverb for my playing and have gone through a few of late. The EHX Ocean’s 11 was a little too much reverb for my liking and the Matthews Astronomer was a little too specifically shimmery for me. I’m not a massive user of reverb and just wanted something that would do the job for a little bit of ambiance and maybe a bit of weird stuff along the way.

When I came across the Joyo Atmosphere Reverb from their Revolution range I thought that I might be expecting too much from the pedal, but I suppose could I really go wrong at $139? The answer was no.

Joyo, and similar ‘cheap’ names, are really starting to build their reputation for quality products and the Atmosphere reverb has blown me away. Right now, you can get a single algorithm reverb in the $180-250 range and a multi algorithm for anywhere from $250-600. So the Atmosphere coming in under $150 is definitely a selling point.

Now, I mentioned that I am not a massive reverb user, but this fits for me from adding a little depth to my playing through to fiddling around with some of the weirder sounds like reverse reverb. It really gives me what I wanted, the simple stuff plus something to experiment with. To get this in another pedal you would be looking at either a multi-effects unit or looking at buying something far more expensive.

The only detraction that I find for this pedal is the plastic control knobs for the main parameters, they just feel a bit cheap and detract from the overall quality of the pedal. Other than that, if you are looking for a quality reverb that will get you from Hall to Plate to weird pulse and forest, then this is the pedal for you.

You can pickup the Joyo Atmosphere Reverb at Artist Guitars right now.

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