Great affordable reverb pedals

Reverb is somewhat of a necessity for many boards, it adds that extra little oomph to your sound and makes you sound bigger (and maybe even better) than you are. So being such a necessity, why the hell are so many recommendations for pedals that are over $350? I thought it would be good to look at some pedals that fit a budget range and are affordable to more people.

TC Electronics Sky Surfer – (less than $110) With their move affordable Behringer(?) rebuilds, TC really hit it out of the park, I have used the Prophecy delay myself and would highly recomment it. The pedals ar built like tanks and have fantastic options. The Sky Surfer has the three main reverb types Plate, Hall and Spring and is well suited for general purpose reverb needs.

Mooer Shimverb – ($100-120) Ask anyone 5 years ago whether they would play a Mooer pedal and the answer would probably be ‘No’ but that has changed. Mooer have proven themselves with sturdy products that sound great. This one has a Shimmer setting as well as Spring and Hall so allows for probably a bit more ambient type vibes. The Shimverb is also tiny so should fit any board space that you may have.

Joyo Atmosphere (~$130) Another brand that has built it’s reputation over the last few years. The Atmosphere is one of the new Revolution range from Joyo and is packed with features. It includes 9 different digital reverbs including the regulars plus Shimmer, Rewind, Forest and Pulse. I have one of these on the way from Artist Guitars, so will post up a more comprehensive review then.

 Mr Black Mini Reverb (~$160) I love the Mr Black brand and am the proud owner of a Supermoon reverb. The Mr Black mini range offer great pedals in a small emclosure. You won’t get the shimmery moodiness from this one, but you will definitely get some great sounding boutique reverb at a great price.

 TC Hall of Fame mini (~$150-170) A single dial and that is it, this is what comes in the HOF Mini. BUT it comes with the ability to load settings via app so that this one dial pedal ends up offering so much more than what it looks like it does.

A lot of these pedals can be found on Reverb, as well as with local stockists. Are there any affordable reverb pedals that I have missed?

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