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I’ve been out of the scene a bit recently, COVID has been a major hit on my down time and ability to get to posting. I have been noticing though that Artist Guitars have been releasing some great stuff over the last little while. So here are the things that I am looking forward to:

Seafoam Green Stratocaster – Seafoam has been one of my favourite of the standard Fender releases and if this one lives up to other strats that I have played from Artist then I am very much looking forward to trying this one out.

Headless Multiscale Fan Fret 8 String – Maybe this isn’t what I am looking for in particular for myself, but definitely something that I am excited to see for all the headless players out there.

Artist BCHY – Developed from the Cherry58 that I have previously reviewed. This one has the roller vibrato as a point of difference. In addition, it also comes in left handed, something that I have seen more and more from Artist.

If you were able to give feedback to Artist Guitars, what would your recommendation be for an affordable guitar that you would want to pick up?

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