Artist Guitars Review – Cherry58 Semi

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6 Responses

  1. I find the cherry guitar is well built and is very easy to play , I have a Ibanez art core and fin the cherry is just as just as good in fact I usually play my cherry more often

    • AGREditor says:

      Thanks for the comment David. I agree, these guitars are made really well and play beautifully out of the box. Artist seem to be really committed to QC and it shows in the product that comes through to the customer.

  2. Rob Bishop says:

    I recently acquired a Cherry 58, and was blown away by the build quality and the sound. I have had three Gibson 335,s over the years, and the Artist is just as good . Makes you wonder why you pay such a ridiculous price for Gibson Guitars. Don,t waste your money. You will not be disappointed with the Cherry 58.

  3. Adolf18 says:

    I have tried to learn playing the guitar a number of times and thought I would give it a go again. Not wanting to spend to much in case I lost interest again I started looking on Gum Tree and surfing the net where I happened to find Artist Guitars. They had a factory d Beginner Acoustic Guitar Pack on sale for $80. I was a bit hesitant at first to order one thinking there must be something wrong with the guitar for this price. After having looked at all the good reviews on their site I ordered one and was not disappointed when I received it. I received it within a week as promised and was well packaged. You would never think the guitar was a d. I would not hesitate to recommend Artist Guitars to friends and family.

  4. Evan Miller says:

    I just got myself an Artist Cherry 58 and it’s just so dam good and amazing value. Out of the box it was flawless.
    They look better in real life than in pictures as it is a deep cherry red and most pictures make it look bright red. thankfully they have not put any fancy Gibsonesque detailing in the headstock and kept it nice and plain. The Binding on the body, neck and F holes is beautifully done. The frets are medium jumbo and feel nice without any need for dressing and feels smooth at the fret ends. It required the neck slightly adjusted and the action lowered to get it comfortable to play. The pickups are just great and sound like old PAF pickups. Not to high output with plenty of bite and clarity. Delivered to my house 2 days after ordered and $480 with case. Still a bit stunned by how you can get such a nice guitar at such a good price. I have several guitars and feel this will quickly become the go to instrument for live use. Its just awesome.

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