TC Electronics Spark Mini Review


So you want to go to 11 and you don’t want to take up more space on your pedalboard? Well the TC Electronics Spark Mini is the pedal for you.

I got this one along with a 360 Looper and a new Big Muff Pi (you can never have enough Pi) and I thought that it would be a good addition to the rig. I was right, of course, but it did look at reviews and this little beast comes in with a 4+ rating on most review and retail sites out there.

The pedal is a solid build, as with most TC products, and it will withstand a good amount of stomping on. Hey, when you are looking for a 20db boost, it is stomping that you will do! Now, a boost circuit is a really simple circuit and this pedal is no exception to that, with a single knob for the level of boost that you want and that is it. The pedal is powered by standard 9v wall power, which most people would either daisy chain or use an isolated box, so no issues that.

The coolest thing about this pedal is that it has both momentary and latching capability. Wanna boost just for a solo? Then hold your foot on the button and away you go. Want to have an always on boost, or boost for a longer passage of a song? Stomp that sucker for the always on effect.

Yes, the Spark Mini is small and simple, but it is quality built by TC and warranty is provided as always. The best thing is that this pedal comes in at under $100 in most online retail stores in Australia, so it is well worth the buy, especially if you need to get that little extra level in your playing.

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