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Since NAMM ElectroHarmonix has been killing it in the new releases. I am a big fan of EHX and it seems that they are one of the only big companies that are willing to push the envelope with new and unique products. I thought that today we could have a quick look at a few of the new products that they have either released, or will be releasing soon.

The Synth9

Following on from pedals like the Mel9 and the C9, today’s new release is the Synth9, and yep it is what it sounds like – a synthesiser machine. I’m not a massive fan of synths, but I know plenty of people are, and to be honest I might just buy one simply so that I can play the Stranger Things theme song over and over. 9 types of synth are available to you through this pedal, enough to charge the Flux Capacitor and take you straight back to the 80’s. The EHX Facebook page says that we should be expecting it in March 2017. For more info, check out the EHX video released today.

Operation Overlord

The Operation Overlord Allied Drive is another pedal which has just been announced. This is an overdrive/distortion but with a ton of controls so that you are able to dial in the sound that you really want. Did I mention that it is stereo and also multi instrument? There is also a normal/boost silent footswitch that you can use to ensure that everyone hears that killer solo.



The Canyon Delay and Looper is the one that is one my must buy list when it is released. Firstly, this pedal comes in a compact form which is awesome when trying to find a pedal that fills several needs, but doesn’t take up too much space. The pedal features 11 modes, including reverb, reverse, octave delay and even a Deluxe Memory Man emulation. The pedal also has a 62 second looper which is the same amount as what some stand alone loopers have. There is also a tap tempo in, although this can also be done on the pedal itself. More info and demo, check out the video below

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