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  1. Link says:

    I have a lefty electric acoustic from Artist. I can not fault it. Is it the quality of a $2000 brand? Probably not. But it sounds and feels good. Weighs nicely. Built in tuner works perfectly. And is just a crisp clean instrument that stays in tune well. It does everything my friends acoustic does with no terribly noticeable sound difference. Their is a difference but if you didn’t have them side by side it is a very minor one. I love it.

    • AGREditor says:

      Absolutely agree, for the same price point you will get nowhere near the same quality as the Artist gear.

    • stevecro says:

      yep. I tried them on a mate’s advice and because I’m only 3kms from them in Sydney.
      I have their Grungemaster and their Gnosis6 in my fleet of 14 guitars.
      They’re both playable, pleasant and set up from the box. Tune it and off you go.
      They really do play as well as my more expensive quitars and they are made to play around with – for instance, if you later want to experiment with different pickups, tones you can. The bare bones of the instrument is good enough to do that

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