New Products Roundup

Time for a bit of a roundup of what has been recently released, both at home and abroad.

Firstly is the Pelican Noiseworks Half Horse Рthe smaller sibling of the Pelitaur. The Half Horse is the left hand side of the Pelitaur and is a pretty special fuzz. Leon from Pelican has told me that Pedal Empire should be getting them in stock, but failing that you can always go straight to Pelican to purchase.

TC Electronics has released details on the PolyTune 3¬†which indicates that there may be a new range coming soon…? Maybe a Hall of Fame 2…(which has apparently been seen on Amazon). The effects which TC brought out last year were pretty cool, the Smorgasboard of Tones, however they may not have hit that higher end that people are looking for from TC. Time will tell what else is coming out….

Ernie Ball has also released new strings, the Paradigm strings, which come with a 90 day refund policy if they break or rust in that time. There are plenty of videos of big players trying to break these strings like Kirk Hammett and John Petrucci, all with no luck. The idea is pretty good, but I’m sure most players will agree that breaking a string is a pretty rare occurrence, especially to pay the premium for these. Then again they may be great for some people. I am an Ernie Ball Slinky player, so I may test them out for the site sometime soon and report back.

In terms of novelties, if you are in the Melbourne (Collingwood) area check out Clingan Guitars24 Hour Tone shop – a vending machine for all you need in terms of strings and picks etc.

These releases are all in addition to what we have seen so far from EHX and also from the NAMM convention, with plenty more still to come I would say in the next few months. The guitar industry is an ever changing one and I think we are probably seeing the golden age of the effect pedal at the moment.

What new releases have caught your attention recently?

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