Buying Mooer on Aliexpress

Much like Joyo, which can be bought through Artist Guitars, the Mooer brand of pedals treads the line between affordable and quality. You can buy these pedals through local retailers, however, much like with everything in Australia you will pay for pretty much every part of the distribution line, so an alternative is to purchase through a seller such as AliExpress.

Looking at local prices you are probably going to pay a premium of around $25-30 per pedal for the Mooer range and this puts them at the just-sub-$100 mark, which is a bit high for what you get with these pedals as they are small form factor and mass produced. Through AliExpress you can easily pick some of the better pedals up for less than $60 with free shipping (show me somewhere in Australia that will do free shipping on that order value). If it is Customs that you are worried about, there is no need as anything under $1000 will not attract any further fees when they are coming through the post.

Some of the best pedals that you can get from AliExpress in the range are:

Yellow Comp – a Diamond Optical compressor clone

Green Mile – An Ibanez Tube Screamer clone

Blues Crab – Marshall Bluesbreaker

E-Lady – Electric Mistress

There are also plenty more available that are faithful clones of the original circuits, so definitely have a look on Youtube to check out some of the demos of this gear to work out what will work for you.

Just a word of warning – Postage from China may take longer, sometimes a few weeks for a package so if time is of the essence buy locally or plan well in advance. Make sure you are also aware of the return/refund policy of the store that you buy for so that you can ensure that you are safe should the product fail (which shouldn’t be likely).

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