Joyo Power Supply

I was starting a secondary pedal board and was looking for a new supply for it. Unfortunately, power can be pretty expensive if you are looking at the totally isolated versions, but what if you are looking for a good low price, second-board power supply? Well, look no further than the Joyo Power Supply JP02 that you can purchase from Artist Guitars. The supply comes with 8x 9v outputs, 1x 12v and an 18v output.  It comes with everything that you need, including power leads and wall wart in a bulletproof steel case. The unit also has blue LEDs on each of the outputs, which can be a bit annoying, but who knows you might need your board lit up a bit more at night, regardless these LEDs can be switched off easily.

Despite not being an isolated power supply, there was no issue with amp noise on a Katana, so no need to worry about fizziness or crackling. As with the majority of items sold by Artist, these are really great quality for the price and will serve well on your board. Make sure to check them out if you are looking for a good low priced power supply for your pedal board.

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