NAMM Releases 2018

Chase Bliss – known for taking their time to make awesome pedals, Chase Bliss released not one, but two new pedals – The Thermae (an analogue delay and harmoniser) and the Condor (a multi-effect including EQ, Drive, Boost and Tremolo).

Chapman Guitars – released the new British Standard series. Known for being well made in Korea, Chapman have now made a limited run of British handmade guitars. It stands to be seen whether these limited numbers will make it to our shores.

Fender – released the Parallel Universe series, which is a mix up of their classic styles – such as the Jag Strat (Strat body with Jaguar pickups and switching system) and the Jazz Tele which is a mix up of a telecaster body and Jazzmaster pickups. These guitars all look super cool and will be in limited numbers. Big Music in Sydney have confirmed that they will be getting at least a few of these.  Fender also released a new line of pedals (why not) which will include offerings including Overdrive, Reverb and Delay, among others.

Boss – released an addition to their Katana range with the Katana Artist series – which is 100w has a 12 inch Boss Waza Craft speaker and front controls. Word is that it will retail for around $999 in Australian stores when it makes it here.

NuTube – NuTube technology seems to have taken off somewhat. The tube is an alternative to tube driven amps and apparently has the same warmth and tone. Ibanez released their NuTube Tubescreamer in addition to Vox also using this technology in a new range of speakers.

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