Guitar Pedal alternatives at Amazon

There are plenty of great pedals out there, but sometimes you want something to experiment with, or you don’t have the cash at the moment, or a thousand other reasons. Here are some great brand alternative pedals that you can pick up on Amazon.

OCD by Fulltone

Mike Fuller from Fulltone has recently wound down operations, so that means that his pedals are either going to be hard to get, or start to go up in price. Never fear though, as the best alternative to the Fulltone OCD has been around for a little while now. The Joyo Ultimate Drive has been a highly reviewed drive pedal from Joyo since it’s release, with a lot of reviewers finding it a faithful recreation of the OCD.

The Centaur

This is one of the big ones, a transparent drive that you can get for a reasonable price. The original Centaur (and even the copies) comes at a big price and always will due to their limited run. But the Mosky Horseman is here and for a price that is significantly cheaper than the original.


Another transparent drive that is almost impossible to get at the moment unless you want to re-mortgage your home. I sold a Timmy a while back and regret it now, as they are going for $600+. However there is an option for the Timmy lover and it is made in collaboration with Paul Cochrane, the original designer. The Timmy MXR Custom Shop is available for ony around $200, and for all measures it seems to match the tone of the original.

RAT alternative

You can pick up a RAT from Proco for under $200, however if you are really looking to save some money, or if space is a premium on your board, then the Mooer Black Secret is the way to go. Reviews say that the Black Secret is a very faithful recreation of the Proco RAT, so is probably a great option is that is what you are looking for.

King of Tone alternative

Now I’m not as sure about this one, but I have heard (and given the name) the King of Kings by Joyo is an option for an alternative to the Analog Man King Of Tone. There is scant info on this one and whether the tones are just as good, but a side by side drive with plenty of options seems to be a great resource regardless. I might even pick one up from Artist Guitars sometime in the near future.

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