New EHX Battalion

It seems that a month doesn’t go by that EHX aren’t releasing something new and cool – this week it is something for the Bassists of the world – the BATTALION

From EHX: : Electro-Harmonix announces the Battalion Bass Preamp and DI for bass featuring a four-band equalizer, fully-featured MOSFET distortion section with three signal path options, a compressor, a noise gate and a comprehensive I/O. 

The Battalion is a Bass Preamp and DI with a 4 Band EQ and additional distortion. The pedal also allows you to decide how you would like your signal to flow with three separate signal flow modes to determine where the distortion comes in. The Battalion is all analog and will ship with it’s own 9v power supply.

EHX are now shipping these out, so guessing that they will be available in the next few weeks here in Australia. Current street price in the US is $197, so expect maybe around AUD 300 for this new pedal.

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