June Australian Guitar News

EHX continue to be on the up and up with releases, this month with the Tone Corset compressor and now the Platform Stereo Compressor

Boss have extended their Katana range (which I am a big fan of) with the new Boss Katana Mini, a battery powered amp with quite a few of the Katana range of options, such as the Clean, Crunch and Brown tones in addition to onboard delay. It looks like a great little unit and is selling online for less than $150 Australian.

Boss have also added the RV-500 and the MD-500 to their range. These are both big box effects along the lines of the heavily used DD-500 and they look to be big competition for ‘all-in-one’ boxes like the Strymon. They are also, at this stage, around $150 cheaper (at around $5-530) than the Strymon pedals.

Earthquaker Devices have updated some of their popular pedals such as the Tone Job, Terminal, Ghost Echo, Dunes and Sea Machine – check out their blog post here.


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