July Australian Guitar News

As always, this month’s news will remain a live document with updates throughout the month when we hear of things being released. With Summer NAMM on the cards for the month, there is bound to be some really cool stuff released.

EHX, as always, makes an entry into this month’s guitar news with the release of their new Expression pedal – super simple and easy to use by the look of it, with no bells and whistles, just a solid pedal that can be used with most EHX pedals that have an expression input.

Via Facebook – Pelican Noiseworks and the 60 Cycle Hum podcast have teamed up for the 50/50 a dual 250 style overdrive. No real news yet on when it will be released or the availability.

Also via Facebook – Chase Bliss have been teasing the ‘Red Knob Mode’ or RKM for the last few days, I dare say with NAMM that we will find out in the mid part of July what this actually is and whether it is a totally new product or a spin on one of their originals.

Another NAMM release is the Walrus ARP-87 Delay – a multi delay with several modes including analog and lo-fi. It is currently in pre-release, so may be a little while off here in Australia unless you order direct.

Dunlop has released a heap of new stuff as of NAMM, including the Carbon Copy Deluxe, an update on an old favourite – check out their website here for the new gear.

Epiphone has also released a $99US Les Paul – at current conversion rates that is around $125, however they are selling in the UK at 99 pounds, so it is still a question whether they will be that price here. If they do reach our shores, with shipping/profit/duties though I can still see these making it into stores at under $200 which is a pretty good price especially for a starter guitar.

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