The 2017 buying list

So, as with many guitar players, I always have a list of things that I am working towards whether it be getting a different tone, nailing a part or simply doing it just because. I have been afflicted with Gear Acquisition Syndrome and this year is no different to any other, I will buy, swap and trade my way to finding the best tone for me. Below is my list of things that I am working towards this year, some new stuff and some stuff that has been on the market for years.


DOD Carcosa – This is an absolute ripper of a fuzz and has been on my list ever since it’s release, every demo that I have seen on it has been solid, as below:

Pelican Noiseworks Pelitaur – Leon from Pelican is a great guy and has created an incredible two stage fuzz, not like anything else on the market at all. It is high on my list, but I might wait until the possibility of a special edition is released as I missed out on the pink one in late 2016. Check out the video on the linked Featured Builder page for more about the brains behind the pedal.

TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay – I’m also on the lookout for a cheap and simple delay pedal and I feel that the new range from TC may fit that. Sure, they may be redesigned Behringer circuits, but they are housed well and form the demos I have seen they are great. I’m going for the cheap and cheerful approach to this delay, I may be surprised, but then again I may not…

EHX Soul Food – Needing a transparent overdrive and this one seems to hit all the right notes. It’s been out and around for a while and is the direct competitor to the over-hyped Klon. There are plenty of comparison videos out there if you are wanting to see what they sound like side by side.

I also want to get into building a few of my own pedals as there is nothing like building something and problem shooting as you go. Here in Australia there is DIY Guitar Pedals¬†and for a bigger range (but more postage) there are places like Madbean in the States. I think that a fuzz is next on my list to build as they are relatively easy, and you can’t get too much fuzz, right?


Actually, I’m pretty happy with where I am at with guitars at the moment. The Vintage Modified Jaguar is a great addition to the collection, and is something that I have found in my hands more than anything else of late. Of course there are always changes to make, the bridge for one may be swapped out for a StayTrem or a Mastery in the near future, but otherwise I think that it can stay how it is. The Vintage Mods, along with the Classic Vibes are solid guitars that require very little in order to get them playable.


I think I’m OK for amps too at the moment, although I wouldn’t mind checking out one of the Boss Katana range, as they seem to have a pretty solid review reputation so far, especially for a solid state amp.

OK, so that is where I am at for my GAS, what is on your list for the coming year. Are there any products being released that you are looking out for? I am particularly interested in seeing what is on the horizon for some smaller builders, especially Pelican Noiseworks to see what they have up their sleeves.

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