2019 Black Friday Guitar Deals – Australia

black friday guitar australia

Well, the time has come again with the US Thanksgiving period upon us means that we may get some great deals here in Australia. I will be adding to this post as new deals come in, so feel free to comment anything below that you might want to share.

Postage from the US can be combined with services like Shopmate (owned by Australia Post) – they give you a US address and will then forward your packages for a relatively good price – around $30 a pedal and $60 for a box.

Guitar Brothers – Already running their new website sale, so be sure to check them out for another 10% off their current prices. These guys are fantastic and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Artist Guitars – They have been hinting at Black Friday sales in their emails and social media, so definitely check them out on the day!

Ebay –¬† Ebay is one of the biggest retailers in the world, so be sure to check them out for your deals this Black Friday. We will post any specific deals, but you can always get 5% off most shops with the code ‘P5OFF’

IdiotBox Effects – nothing over $99 in their store (US Based)

Protone Pedals РHaving a Black November sale (US Based)

Reverb.com – Are starting off the week of Black Friday with 15% off a bunch of pedals and gear. There will definitely be more to come with this one.

Amazon – I mean, it’s Amazon. I think this year will really show how much Amazon want to give to the Australian market. We have been fed scraps for a little while, but it really seems to be starting to boom since the early days here. Let’s see what it brings us this year.

Sweetwater – another massive US retailer, they have started with early sales so be sure to check them out now, although I daresay that the deals will get better.

Make sure you comment below with any sales that you see!


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