Artist Guitars ST62 Quick Review

So we have reviewed a few of the Artist range of guitars here previously due to their affordability and quality, so I was pretty interested when they released the new ST62, a signature stratocaster. I received this guitar last week from Artist, with super quick shipping as per normal from them and taking it out of the box I was blown away.

The first thing that I noticed, for $299, you are getting high quality lockable tuners – this is pretty unheard of in a guitar this price. Like everything that they do, from quality control to customer service, Artist have really gone beyond with this guitar. In terms of looks, this thing is a beauty, with Vintage Blond body and classic mint green pick guard and controls. The neck is maple and the fingerboard is eco friendly rosewood.

I compared this to my Classic Japanese made Fender stratocaster and the pickups in the Artist have a bit more grunt, especially in the middle position (5 position blade). The Artist also has a fatter neck in the 62 style, however this is not a massively wide neck and really offers no issues over a standard start neck.

I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone, especially those who are looking for a great feeling workhorse of a guitar. This model blows the Squier Affinity range out of the water, for about $100 cheaper (at the least). So if you are an intermediate player I would definitely recommend that you check this one out through Artist. Remember that should you not like it, they have their 90 day return policy available, no questions asked.

You can buy the Artist Signature ST62 here.

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