John Mayer PRS Silver Sky

The talk of the week has been this guitar by PRS and it’s similarities to a Fender Stratocaster. The story goes that John Mayer was unhappy with his relationship with Fender and as a result went to PRS (or was approached by them) to create a new guitar that fit his specifications. The thing is, that this thing looks a lot like a Fender Strat – but with a PRS price tag.

The specs are an Alder bod with Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard, 3 Custom John Mayer single coil pickups, tremolo and locking tuners. It comes in (essentially) White, Red, Black and Silver – with the silver really being the only colour that Fender don’t do on their regular line. The other thing is that it comes in at $2300 US, which puts it in the higher bracket of affordability.

It will be interesting to see one of these in the flesh and to see some of the reviews that come out about it, as their is a lot of debate online about both it’s looks and the reason why it has been made to look so similar to other gear on the market. Time will definitely tell whether this is an awesome piece of gear, or whether it is just another clone of a strat.

What are your thoughts on the new John Mayer PRS Silver Sky?

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