Fender Offsets NAMM 2016

I thought that it would only be fair to look at the new range that Fender will be releasing, considering that we have previously looked at the 2017 Gibson models. The new models come in the Duo – Sonic and the Mustang and from the video above come in a whole series of configurations, from splittable humbuckers to P90s. There are some cool new colours as well, with the Olive green, Orange and what looks like a washed out Seafoam Green. They are all shorter scale guitars, which are a bit of a drawback for me, although that is just a personal opinion, I find that the shortened scale can be a little cramped. It looks like these guitars will also be quite reasonably priced (maybe <$1000AUD), but it is always a waiting game, along with when they will actually hit Australian shelves.

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