2017 Gibson LP range

Whether it be leak or ‘leak’ the Gibson 2017 range specs have been released this past week on the internet and they are looking pretty good. Before you ask, no there are no Robo Tuners and yes, there is a range of left handed models.

Who knows though when these models will actually hit the ground in Australia. Guitar Nerds, on their podcast this week, stated that they may be in stores at the end of the year (UK) so maybe we will get them in Australia in the New Year. However, in saying that, I know of a few stores who are just starting to stock the 2016 range, so it may be a while before that is moved and the new stuff is brought on in.

The Faded Series

Les Paul Faded and SG Faded

Gibson Les Paul 2017 Faded T

SG Faded 2017 T

The faded Series has always been a bit below the cost of the Traditionals, but they have a worn in type of feel about them. They are definitely still very good quality pieces, but they also have the feeling that they have been well loved over the course of a long life. Whether you are in it for the traditional LP crunch or that SG sustain, both options will be available in the 2017 Gibson range.

Other Les Pauls

Les Paul Tribute

Les Paul Tribute 2017 T

Great tone, US made, but a tribute to a bygone era. The satin finish on a maple top is what make the Tribute what it is. Weight relieved, as always on the Tributes will help with lugging it around at gigs, or just in the home studio. The good thing about the Tributes is that they often offer the look and feel of a Traditional but without the price tag which is associated with that. Here in Australia, the Tributes are the second lowest price in the Gibson LP range (with the Studio being the lowest). Current model Tributes are going at about $1700 at the moment, so the new models may be a little more expensive than this.

Les Paul Studio T

Les Paul Studio 2017 T

I have owned a Epiphone LP Studio in the past and these models are nothing to be sneezed at, especially if you are looking for an entry level piece that has Gibson on it’s headstock. Traditionally, in Australia, these models are in the $1500+ range, so well and truly below a Traditional.

Les Paul Classic

Les Paul Classic 2017

Well, I have heard a bit of differing opinion but I think that Emerald Burst is incredible.

Les Paul Traditional

Les Paul Traditional 2017 T

Yep, it’s the Traditional – maple top, covered Burstbuckers and the gold top hat knobs.

Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard 2017 T

Holy hell, if I thought the Emerald was great, then the Blueberry Burst is fantastic! Push-pull controls, maple top and modern weight relief, this is a true beauty, but it’s also going to sit on top of the price range when it gets to Australia.

There are also the LP Custom Studio and LP Custom Special, although I’m not going to touch on these as I feel that I am already pretty well LP’d out at this stage. Overall, I think that the new Gibson 2017 range is incredible and has a great versatility, so it will be interesting to see in the coming months how they actually play and feel in the hands.


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2 Responses

  1. Seb says:

    Looking at the Andertons UK website, they are taking pre-orders for the Gibson 2017 range, with a delivery date of 3rd October 2016. Realistically, I don’t see Australia receiving the Gibson 2017 range till early 2017 at the very earliest.

    • admin says:

      Yes, I would have to agree. Given that stock is slow to get here also means that there is an overstock of the 2016 models which will mean 1 of 2 things. 1. That shops don’t order 2017 stock til they have cleared 2016 stock or (hopefully) 2. that we will see a drop in the price of 2016 stock to make space for the new stock coming in. Either that or we will see the new models, like the Firebirds, but not the LPs

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