Where to buy Guitar Pedals in Australia

The tyranny of distance is very real when it comes to trying to work out where to buy Guitar pedals in Australia. The cost of not only the product, but postage and import duties PLUS the need to make a profit often mean that the cost of pedals are quite high in Australia. Below we have identified some options that you can seek out for finding pedals at a price which fits within your range.

Andertons – I try to make sure that we look at Australian options, but the reality is that places like Andertons offer a really good service and cost at the moment. You can buy something like the Big Muff for $30-40 cheaper than locally in Australia and that is taking into account the cost of postage. You won’t pay anything extra through Customs either as there is only extra to be paid on items of $1000 plus (which is why I won’t recommend buying guitars from there)

Reverb – Now Reverb is the standard in the States for buying and selling guitars and gear, unfortunately though it has been slow to build here in Australia. While you may be able to find a good price on a pedal the problem will always be shipping (and returns). However, it looks like Reverb now have a Mothership Australia and I have seen on Facebook that they are making more moves in the Australian market, so hopefully more news to come on this front.

Ebay – Yep, the truth is that it is often the case that Ebay has the best range. Ebay offers the ability to be able to quickly and efficiently compare prices across different sellers. It is also and fair place to get pre-owned pedals that are pretty high in quality – although they are often sight unseen and may be a little risky. The other option is always Amazon – always consistent service and you get the benefit of being able to replace faulty products.

AliExpress – I have had experience with AliExpress and it can be a good place to find cheap, Chinese made pedals. However, you get what you pay for! A Bi-Yang or a Caline may have good reviews but there is absolutely no guarantee of quality. If you are buying in Australia you will also have the issue of postage which can take 4-6 weeks and if something goes wrong you are looking at return post or a part refund, which again can be a struggle. If cheaper, off brand pedals are your thing and you are willing to take the risk AliExpress is the place to go.

Your local Music Shop – now there is an issue for a lot of Australians in the import cost + profit equation means that a lot of stores 1. Charge more than online 2. Only stock pedals that they know will sell lots of (BOSS, Electro-Harmonix). This is fine if you are looking for a Big Muff, but looking for a Earthquaker Devices or Chase Bliss is often a total washout. However, with your local store you are getting the benefit of advice, the chance to try it out and the ability to return faulty merchandise. One word of advice – If you visit a shop to test something, take their time and use their expertise, don’t go and then buy it online the cheapest you can get it. Respect the knowledge and pay for it.

Cash Converters and Pawn Shops – hey, you may not find good stuff on a regular basis here, but there may be the rare gem that you come across. Especially good if you live in a larger city where you can check on stock on a regular basis. There big key here is that you keep trying on a regular basis, not that you give up after a few visits – they are called pawn shop gems for a reason! 

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