May Guitar news

This post will be a live document for the rest of the month, check back for updates as we get them:

Fender have released their new range of Mustang GT amps the question is, are they going to beat the Katana amps that they seem to be built to battle? The few advantages I can see is that the Mustangs have Bluetooth (with an app) and the also have an inbuilt looper. Sadly, from a few reviews that I have seen – especially by the IntheBlues YouTube channel, this amp may not live up to expectations.

Earthquaker continue their fuzz journey with the Eruptor – a silicon fuzz, which they say is designed to go to 11. I love the look of this pedal, with the 1 knob control (much like the Acapulco) and top mounted jacks, because we all need space on our pedalboards and top mounts just make it easier.

Darkglass have released the Alpha.Omega which is a dual distortion/pre amp along with a 3 band equalizer, check out the demos on their website by following the link above.

MXR have released the Dyna Comp Mini – it’s like the regular Dyna Comp, but mini…

EHX have released what they call the most advanced Tremolo on the market – The Super Pulsar – the ability to save settings and pick wave settings, in addition to stereo output makes this a trem not to be messed with. You can even play all your favourite television theme songs from Charmed to Twin Peaks.

Ernie Ball have released their new summer range – the St Vincent models look particularly cool.

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