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EHC 360 Looper Australia 0

EHX Nano 360 Looper Review

I was going to be influenced by the most popular sellers of last year and buy the TC Electronics Ditto Looper, but there was a few things that threw me off, most notably that I...

stringjoy australia 0

Featured Builder – Stringjoy

Over the past few installments, I have focussed on Australian builders, but this week I decided to have a look at something different. Stringjoy is a company that I have heard about a lot...

Biyang Reverb review 0

Review – Biyang TriReverb

Biyang Tri-Reverb Purchased from Aliexpress for $63AUD This reverb is great and has an awesome resonance for such a cheap pedal. Settings are relatively uncomplicated with blend and reverb controls along with mini-switches for...