Best selling pedals of 2017 have released their best selling pedals over the last year and you can find it here and there are the usual suspects on there.

What can we learn?

Loopers are in high demand, but maybe people don’t know how to use them (or they really do).. I say this because the TC Electronic Looper takes first place in both new and used pedal sales. People are obviously buying these pedals and then moving them on at some later date, so this either means that the average player isn’t as able to use a looper as they thought they would be OR that the Ditto is a starting point for people who them move on to loopers with more capability.

TC Electronic and ElectroHarmonix are the Boss – TC have 6 in the overall top 10 and EHX have 2, Boss have only 1 pedal in the top 20 – The DS-1 which was re-released this year for the anniversary year. It stands to reason as well that TC and EHX are at the top, they are constantly bringing out new and different pedals and are therefore constantly in the news for those who are watching. Not only this, but the products that they are releasing are both well made and unique in what they give the player.

For new pedals, Weird is in – For pedals that were released this year there is a big trend towards the weird and wacky – anything from the Synth9 all the way to the Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter. In a difficult year economically and politically I suppose that it is only natural that people feel the need to FreqOut.

How many pedals have you tried/purchased this year from these lists?



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