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Unless you are in constant contact with people who also play guitar, getting guitar news, views and banter can be a little difficult to come about. As a result of being otherwise busy, I find that one of the best ways of keeping up to date is through listening to guitar podcasts on my commute and whenever I get the chance to. Below are some of the best guitar podcasts that I have come across in the last few months, let us know if there are any that we have missed.

Guitar Nerds – this is the one that I always go to. I have a long commute on Thursdays and this is the perfect cure for it when it drops on a Thursday morning (Australian time). The Nerds have been living and breathing the guitar industry for a long time, from retail to performance, so between them they know the ins and outs of guitar, bass, effects, amps and everything in between. The podcast is gear and news related, along with a lot of banter between the crew. Whilst there is the banter, the podcast never goes too far off topic. More recently, there has been a Brand of the Week spot which looks at primarily smaller and unique companies and the history behind them. There is also the occasional interview with industry professionals and guitarists from popular bands.

The podcast can be found on iTunes and all other podcast places

60 Cycle Hum – While the guys over at Guitar Nerds keep it pretty tight, this podcast is probably the opposite, often wandering off into personal anecdotes and jokes, and that’s what makes it great. Steve and Ryan usually look at a few unique, odd or general rip-off ads from Craigslist and then get into the topic of the week. However, in saying that, getting to the topic can take up almost half of the show. This is a great podcast if you are looking for something light-hearted and fun around guitars.


The Tone Mob -Tone Mob is the podcast of Blake Wyland, talking about tone and all the things that make it. If we look at it on the spectrum Tone Mob is definitely the most serious of these podcasts, and that isn’t a bad thing. Blake talks to industry professionals about their journey in the guitar tone world and how they work. It is definitely a riveting listen for those who are interested in both the technical and human sides of the guitar industry.


Chasing Tone – another great podcast on the gear behind tone and the people behind it. This podcast is produced by Wampler Effects and also has Blake from Tone Mob as part of it. I haven’t listened to Chasing Tone as much of the others, but it does come highly recommended by others in the industry.


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