Kink Pedals Charlie Fuzz Review

I wrote a piece a little while back on Kink Guitar pedals and now have had the chance to review their Charlie Fuzz. Now, I am under no illusion and my playing can’t match the playing of someone like Brett Kingman, so I will let his video demo show you how it works.

As for the quality, this is a beautifully made pedal and it is tiny, but don’t let that fool you about the ferocity of this fuzz. The pedal is based on the Colorsound One Knob Fuzz, with the internal trim pot biased to 6.66V (for that extra evilness).

I am a big fan of fuzz in all it’s glory, and for this pedal to sound the way that it does for around the $100 mark, is an incredible feat. As I mentioned before in the Kink feature piece, I feel that it is refreshing to see a company pricing their pedals at a point which is accessible to players, and not something that you have to sell a kidney for. The great thing about buying Australian made is that you aren’t paying the a) profit margin for the retailer and b) the shared duty costs to import items from overseas.

The Charlie Fuzz is super easy to use with the single control (also there is the internal trimpot, if you want to fiddle more), and goes from relatively smooth to balls to the wall fuzz. I used this alongside my tube screamer and it was great in front of it, adding extra grunt and texture to anything I played through it. The Charlie plays well with both single coils and humbuckers, but will obviously be a bit noisy on the higher end of it’s fuzziness (the general nature of fuzz, really).

For the simplicity, quality and sound I really don’t think that there is anything Australian made, or for that matter overseas made that you can get for this kind of price. Remember also, that this pedal is totally built here in Australia by a small business so is a great buy and supports the local economy.

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