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This week we are looking at another small Australian builder, who is churning out some great Fuzz at the moment – Kink Guitar Pedals. Mark, the guy behind Kink was kind enough to give us some time to talk about his company. I have the Charlie Fuzz sitting on my shelf at the moment, ready for it’s review, so all going well I will get it up very soon.

Who is behind Kink Guitar Pedals?

Kink Guitar Pedals consists of Mark, who started as a guitar effects DIYer and eventually thought I could help fill a small gap in the market.  I have to say, that he has hit a good gap too, the affordable to mid range fuzz gap. Unfortunately, I see a lot of brands try to be too boutique and sell their fuzz or gain circuits into the hundreds of dollars, but not Kink – for a great, hand built pedal you are looking at the sub $200 mark for even the most complicated of their designs. It seems to be working too, every time that Mark puts up a batch of his pedals, it seems that they well out within the week. 

In relation to his own playing Mark says – “I am between bands at the moment, but when I was playing I had a big pedal board. My personal board has Strymon, Boss, Earthquaker Devices, TC Electronic, Mesa Boogie, Disaster Area all powered by Cioks. I am a big fan of FUZZ, hence the focus on the Fuzz in my range.”

What else is coming from Kink? 

Mark says that they have a new Tremolo/Overdrive pedal coming out soon, called the Trem-endous Gain and also hopes to have the Bundy boost available again soon (on that, I did see a reverse colours Bundy boost out there somewhere..). 

Most of the Kink pedals follow a horror/serial killer motif, which sets them apart from the crowd, Mark says that he has had a fascination with the minds of serial killers since he was in his teens, hence the Charlie Fuzz. He moved in a different direction with the High Horse, Absolution Fuzz, Defender Of The Hate and the Trem-endous Gain. With these pedals, Mark says “I commissioned art from two local artists and one UK artist. This enabled me to really set some clear direction with the image I was looking for” Mark has specifically worked with artists such as Pat Fox and Pascal D’Abras

Here is James Ryan with the Absolution Fuzz


You can find Kink pedals through their Reverb Store, on Facebook, or can purchase them through Pony Music if you live in the Melbourne area. 

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