EHX Green Russian Re-issue

ehx green russian australia

The EHX Big Muff Pi is a pedal that has probably been on most pedal boards, from the beginner to the advanced it has been a staple. Most people will also know that there have been several iterations of the pedal with a particular few hailing from Russia. The Black and, particularly Green Russian muffs have been sought after for their tonal ability – often a bit smoother than the NYC Pi. However, with many people wanting them and them being relatively limited they have become a bit of a collector’s item. On Reverb you will be lucky to find a Green Russian at anything under $500, so it has come as welcome news that the Green Russian is being reissued, but in a smaller housing. There will be some differences, like the fact that they won’t have traditional Russian transistors in them, but we are assured that this is a re-creation of the original. US street price is $80.60, so after import duties and exchange rate, I am assuming that these units will be around the same price as the Nano Big Muff Pi at $160.

I am doing my best to source one of these units here in Australia, but it looks like we will still be on a 4 week wait list at the moment. As soon as I get my hands on one, I will let you know.

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