Guitar Gods – Nick Reinhart

This new series is going to start to look at some of the great guitarists of the modern era, especially those that are a little less well known. The posts are generally going to be pretty short and will feature a video and where to find the guitarist in question, should you want to seek out more of their work. We even may be lucky enough to get some interviews in with some guitarists in the future, so fingers crossed. Feel free to comment below on other artists that you feel should be included in a future post.

Nick Reinhart is the genius behind such bands as Tera Melos, and has more recently featured on an album with Death Grips. Nick could probably be considered a ‘player’s player’ with his work being quite experimental in nature. Check out the below for an example of how he uses varying time signatures, effects and frenetic playing to great effect.

If you want to see how passionate Nick is about his gear and playing, and just how much fun he has with guitar in general, check out some of the work that he does on the Pedals and Effects Youtube page, with fellow (Bass) God Juan Alderete (ex-The Mars Volta). The range of effects that these guys have and use is completely mind blowing.


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